Welcome to Ecotree AU! 

We are passionate about creating highly realistic quality artificial plants to brighten up and bring life, greenery and vitality to your space.  We have chosen to produce these evergreen plants based on numerous real benefits of having more greenery in our lives! 

What the recent research says: 

One upon the time, most of the world was green! Research shows that when greenery occupies our great deal of our field of vision,  it actually alleviates symptoms of fatigue for reduces strain on our eyes.

Strategically placing green foliage around the home and office not only serves to improve the appearance of any space or room, but it also creates an environment conducive to good optical health.

Furthermore, plants - real or otherwise,  have been shown to contribute to a calmer and more peaceful atmosphere, reducing stress and contributing to an overall sense of wellbeing. 

Why Artificial Plants? 

In the modern workplace:

Now days, technology means that artificial plants are super realistic and almost indistinguishable from living plants. Imitation plants take almost no time, water or effort to maintain. This is perfect for office environments, real estate show rooms and rental properties, as well as gyms, salons and restaurants. Not all work places and are suitable for live plants, with different and varying temperatures and conditions that can all lead to them quickly looking unwell and lacking vibrancy. Not only that, but many people are allergic to different types of plants. 

At home: 

With more and more of us working from home, it is more important than ever for us to put effort into making our sacred spaces more comfortable.

For busy families with young children, as well as busy professionals, every minute of your life is precious.  Ecotree allows you to create a lively, fresh and vibrant home without the need for constant upkeep and care that regular indoor plants require.  


By creating unique arrangements from the best quality plant designs, we hope to make your living and working space one that brings you joy, prosperity and health. 

Yours truly,
Ecotree Australia Team